Adrian College appoints new Director of Media Production Services


ADRIAN — Adrian College employee and alumnus Meghan Abbee was recently promoted by the college to director of media production services.

Abbee, a former admissions counselor, now works at the college’s media production house. She is originally from Hannover and lives in Adrian. She succeeds former director Jay Hannah, an Adrian College alumnus, who has accepted the position of educational media officer at Wright Graduate University in Chicago. She is also the first woman to hold this position.

“Meghan has proven to be a dependable and self-reliant employee who can be counted on, and we are confident that she will bring this work ethic with her to the media production house and enhance the high quality services that ACTV already offers. Frank Hribar, the college’s vice president of enrollment and student affairs, said in the statement. “She will be hard to replace in our admissions office, but she has earned this opportunity to become a principal at Adrian College, in a field she loves.”

Abbee earned two degrees during her three years at Adrian College, the statement said. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and a Bachelor of Arts and Science in Communications. She got a head start on her academics by joining a dual-enrollment program in visual communications at Hanover Horton High School and attending the Jackson Area Career Center. She was able to earn Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop certifications when she was 16.

“When I graduated from this program, it gave me 28 dual-enrollment credits through Jackson College which transferred Adrian my freshman year,” Abbee said in the statement.

She also worked in the college’s media production house as a student, beginning her freshman year, and produced the majority of commercial video content shown on the college’s live streams, in addition to creating graphics and content. B-roll. The statement said she was “key” to getting Adrian College TV (ACTV) to start regularly featuring Athletes and Teams of the Week for social media engagement.

She interned for a time at JTV Studios and worked there alongside Gabriel Schray, a former director of media production services at Adrian College. Having previously worked with Schray off campus, Abbee called it an “easy transition” for her to take on the position of student principal.

Abbee was able to continue working in communications even after being hired as an admissions counselor by Hribar the day after her college graduation. She was responsible for creating the department’s internal designs and managing the majority of its social media pages.

For the past year, she has worked for the Adrian College men’s NCAA hockey team as a freelance content creator through her company, LLC Copper Mountain Media, and traveled with the Bulldogs in March to cover the Nationals in Lake Placid, New York.

Since becoming employed at Adrian College, Abbee said the production house has seen significant growth.

“Students are starting to flock to this area, which makes it much larger in general,” she said in the statement. “When I started, there were about six student employees, and now between interns, volunteers and current employees, I think we have 35 to 40 now. It’s absolutely crazy how it grew in that aspect, so my biggest goal is to understand what the student’s needs and talents are, and use them to make us even bigger and better.

Abbee said she plans to add more technology to the media production house, including purchasing a media production truck. When first employed in college, ACTV could only produce two live streams at a time. It has doubled that capacity since then, according to the statement.

“Having a production truck would make it easier for us to broadcast remotely, instead of having everything and everyone in the gym or on the football field,” she said.


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