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To ensure safety during a pandemic, Arman Khan, a renowned cinematographer, set up his own rental company named Picturental to provide the equipment and services needed to produce a film. Picturental was started to facilitate the entertainment industry with efficient tilted cinema and television equipment for digital cinematography. The company is the head of the patrons of the British Society of Cinematographers (BSC) and the Guild of British Camera Technicians (GBCT).

Located in the heart of Elstree’s studio, the firm helps filmmakers make films by facilitating more than 100 shoots per month. Since its inception, the company has successfully helped facilitate a wide variety of filming spanning broadcast, advertising, corporate, documentary, drama and everything in between.

Founded by a filmmaker in business for 15 years, the Picturental uses cutting-edge digital technologies and all modern equipment that is adapted to meet the requirements of customers.

Speaking of his vision, founder Arman Khan said: “At Picturental we have extensive experience working on feature films, TV shows, music videos, documentaries, live events and dramas. We are able to discuss in detail the needs of your crew and provide you with a list of experienced crews ready to fit any budget ”.

“We believe that our commitment to cutting edge digital cinema technology, our guidance and our holistic approach to production – including our pricing – can help you strike that delicate balance between cost and creativity,” he added. .

Picturental has a large client base and currently works with advertising and digital agencies, broadcasters, PR agencies, photographers, design agencies, post-production companies, marketing agencies as well as production companies. to achieve success and achieve the best appropriate results.

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