AVIWEST, Vodalys Simplifies Cloud-Based Live Video Production for Corporate Events


AVIWEST ​​and Vodalys have teamed up to provide an easy-to-use cloud-based video production and low-latency delivery solution for corporate live events. Using AVIWEST’s high-quality video contribution system and Vodalys.Studio cloud-based production web platform, producers can dramatically simplify content production and webcasting for business communication. With the Vodalys and AVIWEST ​​systems, video professionals can produce exceptional footage of live events, from any location in the world, and simultaneously deliver video content to the web and to various social platforms such as than Facebook, Twitter and Twitch.

“Vodalys.Studio’s cloud production and webcasting capabilities, combined with AVIWEST’s powerful live contribution solution, create a highly professional end-to-end solution for business communication,” said Dominique Henninot, CEO of Vodalys.

Comprising up to eight internal cellular modems (4G / 3G or 5G / 4G), AVIWEST’s linked cellular field units, including the PRO, AIR and MOJOPRO series, allow video producers to capture live video with increased efficiency, stability and mobility. Built with AVIWEST’s Emmy Award-winning SST technology, an intelligent IP link stack, and powerful contribution network protocols, the transmitters deliver broadcast-quality video quality with less data usage and higher network throughput to ensure the best possible quality of service for viewers.

Vodalys.Studio is an intuitive, cloud-native platform that provides video professionals with all the tools needed to mix and edit live video streams, including graphic layers, titles and scores, simply from within. ‘a web browser. With the platform, professionals can also deliver their content to a large audience on social media or a private web player designed for business communication with a first-class CDN (optimized for international and wide audience). Integrated together, Vodalys and AVIWEST ​​technologies allow producers to deliver live video with ultra-low end-to-end latency of around four to five seconds compared to the 20-second latency typically offered with generic CDNs. .

“We are delighted to present a complete solution that fully meets the needs of video professionals in terms of streamlining remote production, ensuring exceptional quality of service that keeps audiences engaged while being profitable,” said Ronan Poullaouec, CTO at AVIWEST.


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