Black-owned production company offers 100% royalties and houses Florida’s first private jet studio


Tivid TV is about catching flights, not feelings.

If you’re ready to take your music video, film or content to the next level, this black-owned production studio in Orlando, Florida can book you the first and only private jet studio in the Sunshine State, according to to the Great South.

But that’s not all. There are also 10 other pre-made sets designed to bring your vision to life.

Owners McKenzy and Christopher Bower are the brains behind Tivid TV, a self-distribution streaming platform that allows filmmakers and content creators to pocket 100% of the royalties. The ambitious incentive was created to fill a need, particularly after Christopher, a filmmaker, discovered that there were no outlets to place or view his film without taking most of his royalties. Tivid Studios was born later in 2019.

As the business emerged, Indianapolis natives realized how valuable the sets were to them and to the community. From branded shoots to commercials, Tivid Studios has been booked by companies looking to improve their storyboards.

“We always knew we had something special not just because of what it was, but because of who and how many people Tivid TV could help,” said producer and actress Mckenzy, reports The Higher South. . Tivid TV aired horror movies, comedy specials, national documentaries, and music showcases.

“The Tivid TV streaming platform is the intellectual property of Tivid TV Studios, so when we place a studio in every major city, the platform will also become a hub for those content creators,” the Bowers explained in a joint statement, by The Higher South. . “We have created an ecosystem to support the film industry from pre-production to distribution.”


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