Black woman-owned production company produces Future Cowboys’ ‘PARTY’ video


Roller skaters Marlo Barrera, Mr. Squrl and Lauren Miller appear in the Future Cowboys ‘PARTY’ video, photo by Jason Kruppa.

17TH Productions have released “PARTY”, a space cowboys themed music video for Future Cowboys with the Soul Brass Band. This is the inaugural project of the business owned by a black woman, specializing in the culture of roller skating as a creative expression. The mastermind behind 17TH Productions is New Orleans artist J. Mix, who was invited to direct the video by Future Cowboy member Jamie Bernstein, who drew inspiration from J. Mix’s content on rollerblading on social networks. The eye-catching cinematography is attributed to David “Skinny” Levi.

The video was shot at Fish Pot Studios in the Treme neighborhood of New Orleans in collaboration between the group Future Cowboys and twelve New Orleans skaters of varying skill levels, all dressed in inventive costumes. The skate movements strike a balance between improvisation and choreography. Skinny and J.Mix added a psychedelic vibe with an immersive color palette, slow motion, special effects, and smoke hints.

“I hope the artists who watch this video are inspired to go beyond their limits of creative expression,” J. Mix said. “Roller skating provides me with an outlet to express my art in a way that I can only communicate with with wheels under my feet. Taking my imagination and converting it into tangible results has been a humbling accomplishment. I am eternally grateful that Jamie saw my abilities to realize before he saw it in me. “

“PARTY” is a track outside the Life on Mars album the Future Cowboys premiered in November 2020. The song features the Soul Brass Band and was written by Jamie Bernstein, Eren Cannata and Miguel Oliveria.

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