Blackbird and Microsoft to Showcase Professional Browser-Based Video Production


Blackbird announced today that the company is showcasing browser-based professional video production at IBC 2022 with Microsoft.

Cloud native Blackbird is a professional-grade video editing and publishing platform accessible through any browser. Enabling fast, scalable, and collaborative production, Blackbird provides instant access to video content for easy creation of clips, highlights, and long-form content for rapid publication to digital channels. Blackbird also dramatically reduces the time and resources required to revert content and enables universal access to content for creation and distribution.

Reducing carbon emissions by up to 91% compared to traditional video editing workflows, Blackbird also reduces infrastructure costs by up to 75% thanks to its highly efficient cloud-native architecture. Additionally, a recent study demonstrated that Blackbird is up to 4x faster than on-premises video editing platforms for popular workflows.

Blackbird Edge can be deployed on the Microsoft Azure public cloud platform in minutes. Blackbird supports the use of Azure Blob Storage of video for ingest and publishing, enabling seamless operations between traditional and cloud-enabled workflows for high-end content creation and delivery. quality on any device. On top of that, Blackbird is integrated with Azure Media Services for stream management and VOD encoding of edits.

A growing number of organizations are using Blackbird on Azure for efficient and sustainable video editing and publishing, including Deltatre and the National Rugby League (NRL).

During IBC, Blackbird will demonstrate how its platform can run on Microsoft Azure and seamlessly integrate with other leading media production platforms for fast and efficient rotation of live sports content. premium.

Blackbird CEO Ian McDonough said: “We are really excited to partner with Microsoft again for the first IBC in 3 years. The Microsoft and Blackbird teams, together with other leading technology players, continue to streamline, innovate, and increase functionality, speed, and carbon efficiency as well as the cost-effectiveness of media workflows and cloud entertainment. We are excited to build a deeper partnership and showcase our seamless integration with IBC.


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