Cam Newton’s production company announces return to Panthers


Cam Newton is more than just a quarterback. It is an artist and an icon, remember?

The 32-year-old certainly implemented that 10-year-old prophecy, as evidenced by what has been the roller coaster of a footballing career devoid of dull moments. So be prepared for other memories, because Cam certainly is.

Shortly after announcing his one-year contract with the Carolina Panthers on Thursday, Newton’s production company Iconic Saga released a short but sweet announcement in true Ace Boogie style. Take a handkerchief, everyone.

The thumbnail plays on the track from “Coming Home” by Dirty Money. . . because why not?

Cam returns home with a shocked 4-5 Panthers who have repeatedly squandered their options at quarterback. Their latest miss, Sam Darnold, is set to miss around four to six weeks with a broken right shoulder after a horrific five-game streak.

While many fans would love to see Newton under center as soon as possible, a start this Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals seems a bit of a stretch. But it could be good, as it sets the stage for a true homecoming in Week 11 at Bank of America Stadium.


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