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After working in the industry for over 10 years, a Chatham creator who has worked on national campaigns is launching a new production company.

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Ben Srokosz launched OOAK Productions earlier this year. He previously created content for companies like Kelseys Original Roadhouse and Montana’s BBQ & Bar that aired during the 2020 NFL Playoffs and provided services to local businesses and nonprofits.

The former founding partner of GATTA Creative said OOAK, which stands for One of a Kind, is the “latest evolution” of his work in sound and video production.

“A lot of people in Chatham-Kent already know my work,” he said. “For them, it’s not a very big change. It’s just Ben Srokosz who continues.

Srokosz said it can be difficult to advocate for a large company, but there are opportunities through agencies hired by those companies.

“They’re looking for something new, something different, or they’re looking for a quick turnaround and they’re looking for a team that can take on the job,” he said.

That’s what happened with Montana’s, when Srokosz and his team were given the opportunity to use the footage provided and provide the editing, sound and visual effects.

“Once that happens, it kind of elevates you to where a brand like Kelseys will trust you to work on their ad,” he said.

Srokosz and two other people he works with regularly, as well as a team of six to ten freelancers, depending on the project, are behind the content for OOAK.

Since they cover different parts of video production, he said they have the ability to secure contracts for specific components. Together with Kelseys, they mixed the provided footage with their own content and also worked on sound, editing and graphics.

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While video is a key part of Srokosz’s work, he started working in audio over 20 years ago. He had his own music studio and eventually wanted to start filming the bands he worked with.

Ben Srokosz, Managing Director of OOAK Productions, works in both audio and video. Picture by handout /jpeg, California

“It just kept growing and growing and I had companies asking me to work for them. I had bigger local brands starting to ask,” he said. one shot, it takes you to other cities, other provinces, national businesses and grows from there.”

He has worked on local campaigns, such as the United Way’s annual fundraising initiative and the May 16 campaign.and Miracle.

With small businesses, Srokosz said he wanted to create a unique video for them.

“You spend a lot of time finding out who they are, who the person behind the company is and what their values ​​are, what they are passionate about,” he said.

“You’re trying to visually represent that somehow, so that when people buy there or go to that place, they get the same feeling that they see in the ads. “

Srokosz said he’s delighted to be able to continue this work from his hometown, noting that the pandemic has removed some of the geographic barriers enjoyed by businesses in Toronto or Vancouver.

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