Colossal content billed as the most efficient production services company in the film industry


The professional production company operates as an independent contractor, handling the principal photography components, including the drafting of shooting scripts with instructions from the sales companies, as well as all other production services necessary to complete and deliver the movie.

March 1, 2022 – Colossal Content has been touted by many in the film industry as the most effective production consulting company due to its unparalleled professionalism and mastery of the production process.

The professional film production studio serves as an independent contractor and is responsible for handling all principal photography components of a film. His responsibility includes managing the drafting of filming scripts, providing studio and location services, and all other production services necessary to ensure the smooth realization and delivery of the film.

“Colossal Content is a production company that works with movie sales companies to produce content with limited budgets.” Company president Paul Tomborell founded the company’s entertainment practice, focusing on film financing as early as 2002. He began his career at Twentieth Century Studios in the feature film estimation department working on budgets and facilitated the development of original concepts, and excels with modest films. budgets. He has served Hollywood for fifteen years with movies on Netflix, AppleTV, Amazon, Indemand, Sony Playstation, AT&T Uverse, Dish Network, Vubuquity, Vudu and outlets Walmart, Hastings, Ingram, Baker & Taylor and Lifeway Stores.

Thanks to several unique factors that set it apart from other production companies, Colossal Content is quickly becoming the first choice of many sales companies looking for credible hands to handle the production of their movies.

Although Colossal Content is responsible for engaging all persons providing services for the film, including producers, directors, writers, actors, actresses, crew, etc., the production company however operates on a model that allows sales companies to retain all copyright to the image. Colossal Content is providing the film fully cleared of all third-party payments, including all profit sharing, writer payments, and music payments and third-party royalties.

“We provide proper data management of recorded video and audio files, including, ensuring that all data files including but not limited to raw video, trans-codes or proxies , and all audio files are backed up twice.”

In addition to being responsible for obtaining or maintaining production insurance for the films, Colossal Content also acts as payer for all collective bargaining payments and mandatory residuals payable to all guilds such as the SAG, DGA and WGA.

Anyone wishing to obtain more information on the nature and pricing of the company’s services can contact them via the contact details provided below.

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Company Name: Colossal content
Contact: Paul Tomborello
E-mail: Send an email
Town: Hollywood
State: California
The country: United States


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