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Kissel teams up with the locals

Madison Erhardt

A Kelowna-based videography agency has teamed up with a country music star.

One Peak Creative and country singer Brett Kissel filmed music video for their new single Make a life, not a life back in february.

The video won a Canadian Country Music Award for Video of the Year.

One Peak Creative owner Megan Jackson says Kissel contacted social media

“Funny enough, Brett actually reached out to us on Instagram, from all places. We did some creative video advertising work and I guess he saw what we were doing and that inspired him to work together on a video. for his new single.

“For me it was really cool. I grew up listening to country music and had been to his concerts in the past, so for him to reach out, it was really a surprise, ”she said.

Jackson says the team wanted to perform the song’s lyrics by focusing on producing the video.

“The song itself is amazing. It’s a great single and it has a really good message, so we really wanted to create something that has a little more down-to-earth storyline but really got you thinking. “

“What was really interesting was that we were able to have his wife and kids in the video, which isn’t usually what happens. You usually outsource sectors for that. So we have was very lucky they could come and film with us. “

The clip was shot in Abbotsford on a farm in two days.

“Bringing all of this song, video and concept to this great little farm with an amazing team of people and my wife and kids to be a part of it, it had to be because I didn’t want to act. I wanted it to be real life, ”Brett Kissel told One Peak.

For the full clip, Click here.

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