ESPN’s MNF Production Team Showcase Innovative Line-to-Gain Virtual Shot at Key Moment in Bills-Titans Thriller


“Decisions on how to present the replay improvement have been well prepared, but require the immediate reaction of the production team in the truck to be executed when needed,” Placey explained. “If anyone hesitates, the moment may be lost; however of [MNF replay producer] kyle brown requesting the addition of the virtual plan, to [MNF producer] Phil Dean include it in its replay sequences, and [MNF director] Jimmy platt direction [replay system operator] Luc Boden to frame the replay video and roll, the team was more than ready for now.

Brown, who is at the forefront of all MNF reruns, knew as soon as Allen took off and was close to the first down, this would be a significant opportunity for our production team.

“When the play ended, knowing the issues and the situation, Boden instantly asked ‘Do we want to use the virtual airplane?’ as I prepared to go through the assortment of reruns, ”recalls Brown about 12 hours after the start of the drama. “It was exactly the situation we had in mind when we incorporated the technology and instantly I felt it would be right. I gave my approval and then we were on the same page, knowing we only had a few moments to bring the technology to life.

The process may only take 20-40 seconds to get from design to screen, but it’s layered and detailed. Boden first works his magic, adding the first virtual marker as well as the virtual shot to the replay, then the replay is reviewed by Brown.

“My first thought when I saw this, or any rerun, does that add to the broadcast?” Are the fans taking advantage of it? You never want to use technology just to use it. In this case, when I saw what Luke sent, I was convinced, but Dean makes the last call. All the credit to him who entrusts us and who also has great instincts to put it on the air. “

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