Gazprom Neft to develop digital oil production services with Schlumberger


Schlumberger and Russian company Gazprom Neft have agreed to jointly develop digital services in the Russian upstream, including the joint creation of new drilling and well design software, while Schlumberger is also locating its solutions across Russia and opening the doors of Gazprom Neft technologies internationally.

Gazprom Neft’s chief digital officer Andrey Belevtsev on November 29 signed the memorandum of cooperation with Rustam Biktimirov, vice president of digital technologies and integration, Schlumberger Russia and Central Asia, according to a statement from Gazprom Neft.

“Our focus on localizing full-cycle digital product development is a key part of Schlumberger’s business in Russia, as is partnering with Gazprom Neft to work together on digital transformation,” said Gokhan Saygi, President of Schlumberger Russia and Central Asia, in the press release. .

In addition to developing new drilling solutions, the partners aim to create advanced data analysis tools for geological prospecting and hydrodynamic simulations, while also targeting enhanced oil recovery (EOR) technologies intended for conditions complex geological.

Schlumberger and Gazprom Neft have announced that they will involve Nedra, a subcontractor of Gazprom Neft that develops and integrates digital solutions for oil production, the Moscow Research Center (a research and development entity managed by the city of Moscow ) and the Tyumen Competence Center at Schlumberger in West Siberia, the press release mentioned.

The new technologies developed by the partnership will be based on the set of international Open Subsurface Data Universe (OSDU) standards which, according to Gazprom Neft’s Belevtsev, advances his company’s goal of “developing an open industrial platform and digital technologies for managing oil production data in collaboration with our partners. “.

As part of the cooperation protocol, jointly developed products will be marketed in Russia by Gazprom Neft while Schlumberger will market jointly developed solutions to its international partners.

“These new solutions will be integrated into the technological ‘ecosystem’ of Gazprom Neft and will, in the future, be made available to all companies in the sector – on the national (Russian) (market) and international markets”, said Vadim Yakovlev, vice chairman of the board of directors, Gazprom Neft, said in the statement.


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