Gisteo: pioneer and industry leader in the production of animated explainer videos for a decade


Explain the “gist” of what businesses do and why they matter with engaging animated videos.

Animated explainer videos were a new idea in 2011; when it was launched, Gisteo was one of the few production companies specializing in this unique service. It was such a new offering that founder and creative director Stephen Conley didn’t even know what to call these informative and entertaining animated videos. He therefore invented his own term to designate them.

“I knew I wanted to create short videos focused on explaining the basics of what businesses, products and services had to offer. Conley.

Gisteo quickly established itself in what has become a fast growing industry and after a decade in business the company has produced thousands of videos for leading organizations such as Intel, Oracle, Harvard, Roche, Lilly, Pfizer and more.

The team behind Gisteo promises excellent writing, varied animation styles, prompt service and total transparency. After a discovery session, customers benefit from a streamlined, integrated process that begins with the script and ends with the final production.

From start to finish, Gisteo works closely with its clients to produce high quality, effective how-to videos at an affordable price compared to many top competitors. The Animated How-To Video Producer has been a must-have for the how-to and marketing video needs of leading companies for 10+ years.

About Gisteo

Gisteo is a Miami, Florida-based company specializing in the production of animated explainer videos. The company debuted in 2011 and has grown into an industry pioneer, serving thousands of clients across various industries such as healthcare, finance, insurance, nonprofits, wellness, computing, entertainment, etc.

E-mail [email protected] or call 1-844-438-4478 to learn more about Gisteo’s how-to video production services.

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Company Name: Gisteo
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Telephone: 1-844-438-4478
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