Grabyo rolls out flexible subscription plans for live video production in the cloud


To meet the growing need for flexible and scalable live production tools in the broadcast and media industry, Grabyo has launched two new monthly subscription plans for its live streaming platform, Grabyo Producer.

Grabyo Producer is accessible using a laptop and web browser, with all video processing and transport performed in the cloud. Production teams use Grabyo Producer to reduce the amount of equipment and resources required to produce and deliver live video, while working collaboratively from anywhere in the world, in an on-site workflow, to distance or hybrid.

The flexibility of cloud-based live production with Grabyo has fueled the video strategies of major broadcasters and brands around the world, including UFC, Univision, Mediacorp and EA Sports.

Grabyo’s mission is to bring all the functionality of traditional broadcast equipment and deliver it on a highly accessible and scalable platform. Traditionally, live streaming requires a high CapEx investment, purchasing new hardware on upgrade cycles with limits of scale and capacity.

Using cloud-based tools, brands can spread costs with flexible OpEx investment, which also allows production teams to instantly increase their bandwidth while paying only for what they use.

Delivery tools in a cloud environment
Grabyo recently released a number of new services and features to equip production teams with the tools they need to create broadcast-quality live video in the cloud.

Multiviewers are an essential part of live production workflows, allowing directors and producers to view multiple streams and sources on a single screen. Grabyo’s browser-based multiviewer is accessible using its own dedicated interface within Grabyo Producer, with the ability to monitor up to 30 live streams in high definition, ultra-low latency preview windows .

Unlike traditional audio mixing hardware, the Grabyo audio mixer can also be used remotely and can be customized for user needs and individual events.

The service supports precise monitoring of dBFS level, the ability to adjust volume, gain, pan and mute, listen to audio sources independently using pre-fade, after-fade or output monitoring and to create and manage audio layers.

Grabyo’s audio mixer can support a large number of individual audio sources per event, with the ability to add multiple audio mixers and vision mixers for the same event as needed.

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