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NEWPORT, california, June 3, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Group 209 today announced the launch of its Virtual Production Services team, a dedicated on-set team to execute virtual production and motion tracking deployments where projects require. The new services complement the company’s customizable hardware and software offerings, providing customers with end-to-end access to high-quality virtual production and motion-tracking services for feature films, episodic television, advertising, broadcast corporate brand, etc. 209 group CTO Greg LaSalle will lead the team, drawing on decades of experience in motion capture and virtual production on leading feature films, including the development of the Technical Achievement Academy Award®winning performance capture technology.

“Virtual production technology has advanced to the point where it’s almost indistinguishable from an LED background from an actual location or from a green screen composite when done right. It enables smoother collaboration on set, increases production efficiency and has been essential to creating interesting content safely over the past year, ”said Group CEO and Chairman 209 Tom armbrust. “By expanding our team with incredibly talented on-set specialists, we can better serve our clients not only by equipping them with the necessary solutions, but also helping them provide the support needed to successfully run virtual productions, and in the way they prefer to work. ”

State-of-the-art virtual productions are performed in a volume surrounded by LED panels and equipped with motion-tracking cameras that transmit position data to the rendering software. As the main shooting camera moves through the volume, the visuals on the LED background dynamically adjust, providing real-time “in camera” visuals without a lengthy post process. -production. This helps create content and reach audiences faster; However, establishing a virtual production pipeline is complex today. Group 209 provides virtual production pipelines by designing proven solutions tailored to each project, including securing a volume or installing in a customer’s preferred space.

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Group 209 is a professional provider of technologies and services for virtual production and motion tracking. Founded in 2011, the company simplifies the execution of complex solutions, enabling creative studios, brands and businesses to achieve immersive entertainment and design. From the development and procurement of hardware and software to the provision of on-site expertise and access to a network of specialist partners, the 209 group solves the most demanding challenges of virtual production and motion tracking. to enable customers across industries to deliver impactful visual content.

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