Hogarth Worldwide partners with Final Pixel for global virtual production services


Hogarth, WPP’s global creative content production company, has partnered with Final Pixel, a global creative studio specializing in virtual production for film, television and advertising.

The partnership will establish Hogarth Final Pixel for using virtual production to power end-to-end content creation, bringing this new creative and manufacturing approach to life for both clients and WPP partner agencies.

Final Pixel is a pioneer and award-winning expert in the virtual production industry for film, television and advertising. Having created work for Discovery, Scripps, ABC and award-winning national advertising campaigns for Shutterstock, Final Pixel regularly invests in the research and development of the latest technology and virtual production techniques. Final Pixel also operates an international training academy authorized by Epic Games to train and hone industry professionals on virtual production techniques.

Hogarth Final Pixel will be at the heart of Hogarth’s creative production proposition, highlighting the important role that virtual production will have in the future delivery and experience of content. He will also support Hogarth’s sustainability offering in its continued commitment to creating content with greater efficiency and versatility, with less carbon impact and greater transparency.

Hogarth Final Pixel has established virtual production training facilities that will expand the pool of expert talent as demand for these services continues to grow. The first of these state-of-the-art installations will soon open at Hogarth’s studios in London, New York and Sydney.

The partnership represents the next step in Hogarth’s virtual production journey and an ongoing investment in the experience driven by technology, Web 3 and the Metaverse. This announcement comes months after Hogarth launched the Metaverse Foundry for WPP, a global team of more than 700 creatives, producers, visual artists, developers and technologists who will serve – from design to execution – brand experiences for Metaverse customers, and just weeks after WPP announced its partnership with Epic Games.

Penri Jones, Global Director of Production and Innovation at Hogarth, said of the Final Pixel team: “They are pioneers in this space and share our vision for the future of production. The method forges creativity, production and innovation together as an inseparable part of the end-to-end creative process – and is increasingly becoming a response to our clients’ demands for “always-on” content. »

Monica Hinden, Executive Producer at Final Pixel, said, “Partnering with Hogarth is a great opportunity to bring the value of virtual production to Hogarth clients and WPP agencies. The creative, environmental and technological benefits that virtual production brings to the production process are mind-boggling, and we are very pleased to work with Hogarth to help bring these to their agencies and clients.


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