HOVSCO E-bike plans to hire video production company in California


Hovsco Ebike Company Hires Video Production Company

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, USA, May 20, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — HOVSCO, born in 2019, seeks to empower everyone with the benefits of e-bikes. The brand is dedicated to improving the quality of its models and providing top quality performance bikes and components, as well as driving technological innovation and design. With the busy e-bike buying season, HOVSCO is currently looking to hire a professional video production company in California, USA to move its target audience through engaging video experiences and allow viewers to take a better decision they believe in when buying an e-bike. .

HOVSCO CEO said, “We are looking for a video production company that specializes in video editing, photography, filming and various productions. Because we think it’s a great way to build credibility and reach for our business. We have off-road e-bikes that need great video to cut through the mass messaging in a way that will be remembered, shared, and create real emotional connections with our targeted viewers. If you are a professional video production company, please feel free to contact us by email or phone number. Our email address is [email protected] and our phone number is +1 626-523-1051″.

He also added, “If this video production company has a filming location in some of the most renowned locations, like San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, etc., that will be great. We’d prefer our e-bike reviews and promo videos to be set in a specific setting, like rugged mountains, raging rivers, sprawling lakes, winding forests, or coastal beaches.

Eric, Product Manager of HOVSCO, said, “We have produced five models of e-bikes. HovAlpha, a 26 inch fat tire e-bike, has a better advantage over the similar model of other e-bike companies in the markets. This versatile and powerful Hovsco HovAlpha e-bike sports a rugged build that’s well suited for off-road riding in just about any terrain. HovAlpha is equipped with a 750W rear hub motor, a Samsung/LG 48V 20Ah battery and a force-saving torque sensor. It can go well from paved road to dirt, gravel, sand, snow or mud. It will be easy to take a splendid review video on the HovAlpha electric bike.

About Hovsco: Hovsco designs, manufactures and distributes premium bicycles and cycling parts and accessories available in the US, UK and Germany. Designed for reliable, exhilarating, short-to-long distance travel, Hovsco will propel you through any terrain – forest, mountain or urban jungle.

Find out more on their website https://www.hovsco.com/
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