How to build an effective production team for your virtual event


When planning a virtual event, visualizing and setting up a virtual stage is a pretty Herculean task. The scene must be intuitive to interact with and must inspire engagement. You want to see your audience engage with your content, with other participants, and build meaningful relationships.

You cannot do it alone. You need a team of stars with a range of skills to consider. How to structure the team? What are the main responsibilities for hiring? We’ll take a look!


This is the person who manages the production of your event from A to Z. They have a clearly defined schedule with them and they make sure everyone is in the right place at the right time.

Technical event manager

A technical event manager is a person who takes care of the computer / laptop. They work with streaming software which allows you to present live and switch between different streams and camera angles.

Camera operator

This is the person who will be on camera and if anything changes, they will make real-time adjustments to make sure you don’t lose the feed. They are also the ones who check whether the batteries are charged and whether all associated equipment is functioning correctly.

Sound engineer

An audio engineer plays a vital role in delivering audio from your studio to live audiences. This is a key role, as poor sound quality makes it difficult for audiences to engage.

Teleprompter operator

The teleprompter operator transcribes scripts or recordings on special screens that are used to prompt presenters to remember what they have to say.


A handful is responsible for setting up all lighting and camera equipment in the studio and is in charge of all mechanical arrangements involved.

Hairdresser and makeup artist

Your event can be a pre-recorded or virtual live event. Either way, you want to make sure your presenters look and feel great. With a hairdresser and a makeup artist, you will have everything covered.

Live Support

Setting up a virtual stage is one thing, but making sure it runs smoothly and all issues are resolved is another. You need someone to support you and fight the fires in real time!

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