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The production team behind Human trafficking 2 are looking for private investors to help finance the making of the film.

The sequel to Human Traffic was initially confirmed by film production company Parallax East in 2016, which revealed that the story would take place in Ibiza and Cardiff.

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In a recent Mixmag feature film director Justin Kerrigan said the script for the sequel was written but funding was another matter.

He said: “The first film was not funded by the UK film industry at the time. It was financed by a private investor. Human trafficking would not exist without independent finance.

In a Facebook post June 14, Human trafficking 2The production team wrote: “We now have letters of engagement from private investors for £ 250,000 for the production of ‘Human Traffic 2’. (£ 1M budget) – But we still have a way to go with only 8 months left on the Rights Option Agreement.

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“We offer a 30% return on all private investments by contract. We have a UK / EIRE theatrical offer, a letter of engagement from Danny Dyer’s agent, and an original screenplay written by Justin Kerrigan.

Potential investors are requested to contact the Director by sending an email to [email protected]

The 1999 cult classic followed a group of friends on a drugged weekend in the Cardiff club and on an after-party stage.

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Kerrigan has confirmed that Danny Dyer and a number of other original cast members have signed on for the sequel.

Speaking about what to expect, he said: “The rave generation is mostly made up of parents now, but it’s really about getting back to the spirit of the times that brought [the characters] all together and the second movie is really about how they’re trying to come together in a whole new era.

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