Isaiah Leslie on Forensic Reporting and Video Production in the Modern Era


Beverly Hills, Calif., December 6, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – In this interview, Isaiah Leslie talks with Mission Matters about his dual career in court reporting and media production, providing insight into his business development, Regal Court Reporting and Regality Media.

Listen to Isaiah Leslie’s full interview with Adam Torres on the Mission Matters Business Podcast.

Which mission is important to you?

Eager to educate young people about the opportunities offered by court reporting, Leslie considers himself an evangelist by trade. He says he enjoys seeing talented people being exposed to the industry and makes a point of promoting it whenever he can.

He says the mission of his company, Regal Court Reporting, is to provide clients with the best service in the litigation support industry, maintaining a reputation for proven success.

What interested you in the field of court reporting?

Leslie worked as a sales professional after college and changed careers after his wife introduced him to the field of court reporting. After meeting an agency owner with a similar story to his, he felt drawn to the field. He cites its low barrier to entry, minimal investments, huge financial potential and market size, and relative lack of competition as the determining factors that led to the establishment of Regal Court Reporting in 2008.

How Does Regal Court Reporting Solve the Shorthand Workforce Shortage?

Leslie says that the court reporting field is currently experiencing a labor shortage due to the fact that while experienced professionals retire from the field, young professionals are not replacing them in equal numbers.

To solve the problem, Regal Court Reporting uses a course called “The A to Z of Court Reporting”, which allows interested people to navigate their way into the profession with ease.

Additionally, by leveraging technology, Leslie says, court reporters can now handle video depositions and work remotely from anywhere. This, he notes, helps alleviate shortages of journalists.

How did your second company, Regality Media, come about?

Leslie teamed up with one of his employees at the time to venture into the corporate video arena, jointly launching Regality Media. Right now, he says Regality is in the process of post-producing a feature-length sports documentary. Offering a range of full or à la carte services from concept to final cut, the company supports projects that include commercials, branded content, short films, full documentaries and more.

As for growth, Leslie says his philosophy is one of balance. “Be big enough to deliver and small enough to care,” he says. “It was our motto from the start, and it is still what we are experiencing now.”

What’s the next step for both companies?

While waiting for a more stable economy on the horizon, Leslie hopes to strengthen the business development strategies of both brands and grow further, thus strengthening her leadership along the way.

For Regality Media, he is looking to sell the sports documentary on a distribution platform and undertake additional documentary work for the feature film.

To find out more, visit Regal Court Reporting and Regality Media.

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  • Isaiah Leslie was interviewed by Adam Torres on Mission Matters Business Podcast.

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