Leeds production company invests in Prolific North motion control systems


Tungsten Media has unveiled new robotic technology at its Leeds studios.

He has invested in a cinebot motion-controlled platform, which has been used by brands such as Kerrygold, Morrisons and Amazon in the past.

“We are excited to integrate these cutting-edge tools into our creative pipeline,” said Simon Sturgeon, Director and Co-Founder.

“Motion control has made it easier for us to deliver incredibly dynamic work for our clients and gives us the confidence to present bold and innovative ideas that can only be achieved with this technology. “

Sturgeon explained that it is one of the few studios in the country to offer end-to-end creative video production with robotic technology.

“The creative flexibility offered by a cinebot cannot be overstated, especially when combined with slow-motion shots captured by the Phantom, our high-speed camera,” added Creative Director and Co-Founder Andrew Beniston.

“We love to work our visual engineering muscles and it’s so rewarding to be able to demonstrate that anything we can imagine, we can deliver – while keeping the entire production pipeline in-house.

Motion controlled platforms can be programmed to perform a number of complex camera movements, in sequence, repeatedly and with great precision.


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