Local Production Company Presents New Scary Story Show Pilot Via Online Event


A Barker Street Cinema online streaming event is held for horror movies and history buffs.

The local production company will post the pilot of its paranormal story series titled “Wicked Ways” exclusively online on Barker Street Cinema’s YouTube channel.

Barker Street Cinema producer Norm Coyne has said Wicked Ways will be a TV series shot in Barkerville.

“Sort of the premise that this is a paranormal history TV show, so what we do is look for ghosts, of course there are a lot of ghosts in Barkerville. But we also dive deep into the story of who is supposed to haunt, ”Coyne explained.

According to Coyne, the show will feature video game voice actor Mark Meer and cosplayer LeeAnna Vamp.

It will be broadcast on the Barker Street Cinema Youtube channel and the event will also be tweeted live on the Wicked Ways Twitter account.

“We had a lot of fun doing the tweet during the Stephen King Rules festival earlier this year, so we’re kind of doing the same model,” he explained.

The Stephen King Rules film festival has attracted 42,000 views from 28 countries and has been tweeted several times by King himself.

“Releasing Wicked Ways pursues the same spirit of engagement with literally anyone in the world,” added Coyne.

The event will be featured on the Youtube channel at 7:30 pm tonight (Wednesday), and attendees can participate in the live tweet using the hashtag “#WickedWays”.

“Wicked Ways is unlike most paranormal shows you’ll see today,” added producer James Douglas. “Our series delves really deep into the story of the ghost we hunt.”

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