Manchester production company forms new partnership to promote how nature can improve wellbeing


StandBy Productions has created a film to highlight the benefits of nature

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The Lancashire Wildlife Trust has partnered with a local production company to promote the charity’s Myplace initiative.

Standby Productions – which is based in the city of Manchester, Greater Manchester – will create a video for the charity to highlight the benefits of nature.

The Lancashire Wildlife Trust’s Myplace project focuses on the ways nature can contribute to well-being.

It also aims to highlight how connecting with local environments can empower communities.

The video will show how teenagers can enjoy nature with Myplace Project workshops, wildlife walks, bush activities and gardening projects.

In the film, you can hear the young participants discussing the incredible benefits of the workshops and activities they participated in.

Julia, a member of the group, said: “Really, Myplace saved my life.

“I was very suicidal, and it very quickly became a reason to live.

“It was something to look forward to, even on bad days.

“I don’t think I could have made the progress I did without nature.

“And I made a lot of friends with Myplace.

“It’s pretty easy to befriend someone who understands you and understands what you’re going through.”

Emma Bartlet, Nature and Wellbeing Project Officer at Lancashire Wildlife Trust, said: “The film that Standby Productions made with us perfectly encapsulates the essence of Lancashire Wildlife Trust’s work.

“It shows how contact with the natural world can help change the lives of young people.

“These young people are helping to conserve the natural world in return.

“The team at Standby Productions captured it all so eloquently.

“This new film helps us communicate how nature and wellness are inextricably linked.”

For more information on Standby Productions’ partnership with the Lancashire Wildlife Trust, click here.

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