Married to First Sight, UK’s Morag Crichton calls the production team after last night’s bombshell


Last night’s episode of Married at First Sight UK saw a Plymouth veterinary nurse drop a massive bombshell on another candidate’s husband.

After a girls’ night out, they all sat around a table for lunch, talking about how each of them got along with their new partner.

However, when they started playing a game of Never I have ever, some shocking truths were told.

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Things between Cornish candidate Amy and her husband Josh, 26, have not been easy as the duo have clashed on several occasions.

With Amy revealing that she was about to quit the show, Josh said he was going to try harder to be affectionate with her.

By the lunch date, Amy was telling the others how things were going between them, before Morag told her Josh added her on social media before the show.

Morag on Married at First Sight UK

She also revealed that he liked multiple photos and even texted her multiple times.

Needless to say, the others were shocked when Amy exclaimed “Blondes aren’t even her type though.”

Although Amy appeared to agree with Morag after the reveal, viewers were not happy as they accused her of being a “troublemaker.”

Morag shared an image of the scene on her Instagram Story, as she said after filming was finished they were all smiling despite the cold.

People were quick to comment on the photo to call her on her actions, however, Morag said she only said this about Josh as she was told to do.

Responding to one person, she said, “Were you there ??? Have you seen the in-game card “Never had luck? T edited. I was told to say that!”

One person called her a “shaker **** with Morag rummaging around the production crew saying” I must like production shakers **** “

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She shared an Instagram story after the show aired explaining it was part of a game before saying the editors knew what they were doing.

Although there were a few people slamming her actions, many showed love to her by praising her for her honesty.

Do you think Morag was wrong to say anything about Josh? Tune in and let us know in the comments below.

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