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Hollywood studio technology joint venture Motion Pictures Laboratories (MovieLabs) has released the first version of its Enhanced Content Protection for Production (ECPP), a set of best practices for production service providers, cloud service providers , studios and productions.
In making this decision, MovieLabs says there is a general need for a common set of recommended cloud security practices, driven by the complex and rapidly changing world of media production and the migration of various parts of the workflow to the cloud. According to him, multiple stakeholders share responsibility for securing cloud-based production workflows.

Developed with input from studio security experts and industry-leading technology companies, the ECPP is designed to provide a unified set of best practices for those who design, create, configure, or assess the security of video workflows. production in the cloud.

The purpose of the ECPP is to provide a set of high-level best practices for establishing and managing cloud security. It is specifically focused on new or significantly different practices for the cloud. In addition, it is aimed at people concerned about providing secure cloud-based solutions and people responsible for ensuring the security of their productions.

The document, along with its Executive Guide to ECPP, examines the current state of the threat environment and addresses the most common attack vectors as well as the most active threat actors. It then provides a set of general best practices that apply to all uses of cloud services and more specific best practices for IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service, e.g. major cloud providers), PaaS (Platform as a Service, such as integrated infrastructure and software stacks that can be easily deployed) and SaaS (software as a service, such as cloud-based collaboration services). Finally, as production workflows already span multiple cloud infrastructures, including private and public hyperscale clouds, ECPP addresses the challenges and considerations of securing multi-cloud production.

“As part of our work to accelerate the evolution of media creation and the move to the cloud, we developed the Common Security Architecture for Production (CSAP) on the premise that a different approach is needed to secure production in the cloud, where the cloud is a resource shared by everyone working on a production,” said MovieLabs CEO Richard Berger.

“Additionally, as we work with industry to implement CSAP in support of our shared 2030 vision, we wanted to provide a guide to securing production cloud services as we use them today. . We hope that the various players in the industry ecosystem can align their unique approaches to securing and evaluating cloud-based workflows and can benefit from the ECPP.

Enhanced content protection for production can be referenced on the MovieLabs website.


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