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Recent Stevens graduates Sergio Scardigno ’21 and Martin Trogani ’21 co-founded The Birdhouse, a New Jersey-based music production company that offers live musical performances and artist interviews. The company launch is the result of Scardigno and Trogani’s work at Stevens for their Music and Technology major thesis projects.

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“The Birdhouse is a production company that aims to capture the magic of a live musical performance that you wouldn’t get in a recording,” said Scardigno, “During my senior year at Stevens for thesis, j came up with the idea of ​​doing a live video session with an artist or band, recruiting my friends from my hometown to help with the filming. Trogani got involved at the start of the project by “taking care of everything. that’s related to audio, “according to Scardigno. For their graduation thesis, the couple made a video with Phoneboy, a group led by Stevens students, which is now known to be The debut video for The Birdhouse.

“I actually play a few roles in Birdhouse. As it stands now, I take care of all the visual editing / post-production and act as a director on set, ”said Scardigno. He is also involved in public relations and outreach for The Birdhouse. Trogani is the company’s producer and main sound engineer. The Birdhouse team also includes the students of Stevens Khianna Byrne (graphic designer), Aaron Lerch (sound engineer), Whitney Dyer (personality interviewed), as well as David Vincent (director of photography) and Danny Rinaldi (director of photography) from Montclair State University.

Lurch explained, “My role at The Birdhouse is A2, or second sound engineer. […] This includes choosing and placing mics appropriately, working with the group to get them everything they need, resolving audio issues, and more. […] Being part of the team also means helping with whatever needs to be done.

Byrne, who has a degree in visual arts and technology, is responsible for the graphic design of The Birdhouse. She said: “The primary logo used for all of Birdhouse’s social media, videos, stickers and business cards was created by me.”

The team is working together to create videos of artists performing live, as well as interviews with these artists to give fans a glimpse. According to Scardigno, “some artists just have that little something special about them that you can only experience live. What we do is film these artists on video taking live takes of their music, with the aim of capturing this special thing in an intimate way. Compared to other production companies, Byrne sees The Birdhouse as “something similar to Tiny Desk Concerts or Audiotree Live.” They basically want to promote music artists, large and small, by filming them live.

Quality and authenticity are highly valued by The Birdhouse, as their goal is “to bring people very high quality content from their favorite artists,” according to Scardigno. “We really want to reduce the distance between the fans and the artist by bringing something intimate and special to the audience.”

Although the production company has yet to host any events, they are planning to do so in the future. They are also planning other sessions with new artists, both full-length and small-scale.

Students interested in The Birdhouse can follow them on Instagram @birdyhousey and follow the link to their YouTube account at


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