New recruits at British production company Listen


Above: New recruits to Listen include Darby Dorras, right, with MD Josh Adley. Find more information in our people section.

  • There’s a new conference dedicated to publisher podcasts, the Publisher Voices Summit, in London in early October. Co-founder Esther Kezia Thorpe explains why they created the Summit and what publishers can expect.

  • Vox Media will lay off 39 employees and slow its hiring, blaming deteriorating economic conditions.

  • iOS 16 has released its second public beta. As we get closer, a reminder that iOS 16 brings the ability to set a correct user agent for your iOS podcast app, removing “Apple Core Media”. We see a number of podcast apps, including the Pocket Casts app, Playapod, Castro, and Podbean, benefiting from this new API.

Moves and hires

The Tech Stuff – with

  • Audio geeks might enjoy this sound design tutorial to help you recreate some of those classic Kate Bush 80s synth sounds. Run up that hill, seen in Web Audio Weekly. (Fans of this song might also appreciate that The Pub Choir sings it in Podnews’ hometown of Brisbane QLD, Australia – your editor is sometimes in that choir, but not this time).

  • JustCast added full integration for value for money with the Alby Wallet. The company joined RSS·com last week.

  • Podcast Admin is new and is an open source podcast platform that runs on Google Cloud and Firebase, and coded using React. Features include configurable pre-roll and post-roll, statistics, and support for multiple users.

  • This week’s boosts include 2222 sats from Blubrry’s Mike Dell (“Think I’ve had it”); 1024 sats from Dave Jones smearing Spotify once again (“When the Index started, people were pretty skeptical that 4.5 million podcasts existed. Now everyone wants to claim that number”); 3 sats of JAF2100 (“keep going”, they say, intriguingly); 1,000 from Georg of Fail Better Media; 10 from cristobal_mena; 10 from xavi_herrera; and a thumbs-up emoji and 10 sats of alfcamacho. If you’re leveraging Podnews’ podcast, consider boosting it in your new favorite podcast app (try Fountain for starters).

Podcast News

Missing pages is the first original podcast from The Podglomerate, which reopens the cold business of the book world. It is moderated by Bethanne Patrick, a world-renowned literary critic and publishing specialist. In its eight-episode first season, Missing Pages unravels the power struggles, mistaken identities, and shockingly evil behavior in the secretive world of book publishing. Each episode brings in authors, pundits, publishing insiders and a circus of New York media elites to tell the real story; unsuitable for printing.

Chameleon: Probable scam
Chameleon: Probable scam is brand new from Campside Media. Across the United States, ordinary citizens are losing their life savings to fraudulent callers…so the hunt is on for the shadowy multinational mob behind the scam. Hosted by Yudhijit Bhattacharjee, it launches today.

New Podcast Trailers
If you like to read about new podcasts in Podnews, you can now get this section as the podcast itself. New Podcast Trailers is available in your favorite RSS podcast app.

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