Panasonic Connect North America to Develop Cloud-Based Solution for Video Production in KAIROS Ecosystem – rAVe [PUBS]


Panasonic Connect North America announced plans to develop a cloud-based solution for video production within the KAIROS ecosystem for the US market that allows teams to take advantage of the video processing and distribution capabilities of the KAIROS IT/IP production platform without the confined to an on-site studio.

The cloud-based solution works with the on-premises KAIROS IT/IP platform (released May 2020). As businesses host more hybrid-style events and houses of worship look to improve virtual services, Panasonic says the cloud is playing an increasingly important role in streamlining workflows for greater efficiency .

For industries, such as higher education and houses of worship, where it can be expensive to set up a large-scale production studio, KAIROS’ cloud-based solution can handle the entire workflow. work in a simplified configuration. It consolidates video materials captured by cameras in the cloud and makes them accessible not only from the production site, but also from remote offices and homes, enabling production teams to efficiently edit, produce and distribute video. real-time content. Moving video production to the cloud means that production sites can reduce their initial on-premises investment and leverage the system to support hybrid workflows.

The new cloud-based solution shares the same software and underlying technology as the on-premises version, allowing integration into any existing KAIROS ecosystem. Production teams can leverage cloud and on-premise versions separately or together for a seamless production workflow. On-premises KAIROS Core offers a single latency image to local displays – necessary for IMAG applications, while a cloud account offers new feature activation on a project basis. Adding the cloud component to local hardware further enhances the flexibility and scalability of a production team at all levels.

KAIROS customers using the cloud-based solution will also have the option of leveraging a KAIROS control panel, with either the original AT-KC10C1 full-size panel or the new AT-KC10C2 compact panel, to manage production workflows. The AT-KC10C2 (available Q4 CY2022) will allow the same level of operability as the AT-KC10C1 but in a compact layout ideal for fly-packs or small control rooms.



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