Pathable Launches Enhanced Suite of Audiovisual Production Services


Pathable’s unique AV and production offerings include multiple audiovisual services managed by dedicated in-house teams, and the platform’s collection of event capabilities is uniquely designed to enhance content for virtual or hybrid events – a demand that has exploded. over the past two years and continues to grow according to recent industry research study.

“For many organizations, the past 18 months have been spent experimenting and just staying connected through virtual events,” said Kenny’s Wall, general manager of event technology at Community Brands. “Now, many of our customers have stepped up their investments in production quality and are looking to take full advantage of the virtual event offering with a wider audience. Participants’ expectations continue to grow and I am delighted that we continue to develop our offerings to help take their events to the next level. “

The Pathable platform feeds associative, corporate or educational events of all sizes. With streaming capabilities and virtual or hybrid networking features, event attendees can interact with event content and connect directly through the platform. Platform capabilities such as live and pre-recorded streaming, virtual meetings and sessions, private messaging, live chats, and event metrics make it easy for the planner to run virtual or hybrid events and the participant. Pathable even supports online event registration for attendees and a fully stacked event metrics dashboard that uses valuable event engagement and ROI reporting metrics for admins. events, exhibitors and other stakeholders.

Pathable is constantly striving to improve the experience of our users by investing in building features that serve them and make their lives easier. Working with event clients in real time during the pandemic has provided teams with invaluable insight into the growing needs for advanced A / V services, and their recently upgraded suite is proof they got the mission. The enhanced platform offers intelligent services and advanced multiscreen capabilities aimed at helping organizations improve the experience of virtual participants.

Some of the enhanced services include:

Live production – Create even greater engagement by adding video effects to live broadcast content. This includes end-to-end virtual event multimedia production and the ability to switch HD content seamlessly.

Production of prerecorded flows – Record content before your event and create a carefully crafted experience to share with your attendees during your event.

Virtual and in-person flow operation – Create a more dynamic experience for participants with feed operators who can handle multiple types of content and entries for your session. Streaming operators can control what and how event attendees view your content and operationalize all of your behind-the-scenes streaming needs. In-person support provides engineers with on-site technical solutions for on-site events.

Event consultation – You don’t know what you need? Our technical experts will work directly with you, leveraging their experience and subject matter expertise to provide recommendations and help you manage all content needs for your event.

Some of the new features in the Pathable platform include:

Autoplay – Play recorded content as if it were live and engage with your audience through the platform to deliver a more interactive and engaging experience.

Direct link – You don’t have or don’t want to work with a third party system to stream content? DirectLink eliminates the need for an additional production layer and allows content to stream directly to the Pathable platform, improving the attendee experience and simplifying the production process for your team.

The Pathable AV Services team helped produce a flawless event. Visually, the look and feel was extremely professional – the team did a great job integrating our branding throughout the material. presentation. They went the extra mile to organize rehearsals with our entire team and carefully orchestrated our script, presentations and videos to ensure seamless execution on the day of the live event. contacted to tell us how professionally it was managed and how successful we were in creating a sensation in person despite the virtual nature. ” – Jessica davis, Senior Partner, Dynamk Capital

The level of flexibility of CTMs surpasses the policies of other technology and service providers, and this is also exactly what members of the industry expect in the future. As organizations pivot their plans or move to a hybrid event environment, they need a full suite of advanced event management and production solutions. Organizers should also have the tools to adapt and restructure without the burden of additional fees or penalties. With the Pathable Promise program, a client with a need for an event change can simply switch their repository in person to virtual, or vice versa, and then continue to do what they do best with the help of the Pathable Solutions Network. .

Pathable is the newest member of Community Brands and the Pathable Promise is made possible by the connected network of community brand event technology solutions focused on event logistics, attendee learning and member engagement, Pathable Brands, Expo Logic, Attendee Interactive, Coreapps, TripBuilder Media and Configio.

Visit to learn more about the Pathable Promise or for a live demo of a virtual event.

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