Pixomondo opens studio in London for virtual production services


Pixomondo visual effects studio (PXO) is opening a new division in London, which will offer VFX and virtual production services. Alex Webster has been hired as the head of the London site, with the goal of expanding the company’s virtual production services in Europe.

Pixomondo has three LED “volumes” in Canada and aims to build a facility in the UK, with potential locations under consideration. The company is also present in Frankfurt and Stuttgart in Germany.

Alex webster

“Over the past several years, I have witnessed the speed at which integrating virtual production with visualization is reshaping the visual effects industry,” said Webster. “PXO drives innovation in this space and places VP at the heart of its workflow, becoming one of the most agile and creative studios in the industry today. I’m excited to be working closely with the entire PXO team to design and build a state-of-the-art integrated VP studio, which will combine concept art, previs, virtual art and behind-the-scenes VFX teams with a brand new UK volume LED.

Pixomondo already has offices in Los Angeles, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Frankfurt and Stuttgart. His virtual production scene in Toronto is the setting for season four of Star Trek: Discoveryas well as the next Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

Jonny Slow, CEO of PXO, said: “We couldn’t be more excited to welcome Alex to the PXO team as we continue to roll out our growth plans. We have our roots in Europe, and Germany remains a central and crucial part of our VFX and artistic production capabilities. Adding a presence in London to complement this strong base, focused on virtual production and managed by Alex, will allow us to continue to expand our offering to customers and meet the significant demand for these services in the UK and in Europe.

“London is just behind Los Angeles for physical production services and is home to a significant number of extremely talented teams, experienced in high-end television and film production. Virtual production requires us to be close to these facilities and A significant push in 2020 from the UK Department for International Trade to make the UK a virtual production center of excellence, along with investment from Mayfair Equity Partners, has accelerated this part of our plan. I look forward to working with Alex in the years to come, ”added Slow.

At Framestore, Webster created FPS, the company’s pre-production division for more than 120 employees, specializing in preview, virtual production, technology and post-viewing for clients in film, episodic and experiential media. Previously, he was Managing Director of The Third Floor London and executive producer of the VFX Electric Theater Collective boutique, where he established his sister production company Friends Electric.

Slow recently moved to London to help launch after nearly a decade in Los Angeles and three years at PXO.


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