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Kolkata / IBNS: Power Publishers & Motion Pictures, a 14-year-old Indian film and audiobook production company based in Kolkata, recently launched a full range of film post-production services, which include everything from editing from films to color grading services, visual effects, sound design, dubbing and captioning services.

Power Publishers & Motion Pictures, founded by writer and producer Pinaki Ghosh, is ready to launch its new post-production services for Indian films.

Their films like Sin Sister, Synthetic Sati, Agamani, Dekho But Pyaar Se, Scam Leela, Parivartan, Diner Seshe, etc. awards, the company said in a statement.

Usually different movie post-production services such as audio editing, dubbing, music and movie editing, color grading or post-production are offered by different studios, making it difficult for filmmakers to travel. between studios.

According to Power Publishers & Motion Pictures, all post-production services are available under one roof, including color grading, sound effects, captioning, dubbing, music, visual effects or animation made for a film.

Said Ghosh, “Our talented technicians are experts in their fields and have worked with pillars of the industry.”

The infrastructure offered by the company is up to industry standards, he said.

As the industry goes through a sea of ​​changes in the way movies are made and viewed and OTT becomes the new normal, there is a growing demand for all kinds of content, be it movies, web series, TV shows, YouTube videos and social media ads. , said Gosh.

There is a need for services that offer a faster turnaround time, and Power Publishers and Motions Pictures have prepared to offer an all-inclusive offering for small and large production houses and content creators.


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