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When you have your income, expenses and debts on the paper in front of you, you can better consider the bills that should be given special priority and which you therefore have to pay.
Look, first and foremost, after the money is enough for your home. Set aside for household money, childcare fees, work and travel allowance to the unemployment fund before paying other bills, interest and amortization. Electricity, telephone and home insurance are also among the items that should be a priority.

Everyone living in their own house should prioritize loans for their home country.

home loan

If you have a loan that has been secured, it may feel very difficult not to pay, but instead the responsibility for the person who passed the bond (the guarantor) changes. But the guarantor has in his guarantee promised to pay in your place, first, for the part that you can not pay. Other creditors do not accept that you give priority to guarantee for the loan.

 Initially, loans are due to home security.


Many loans are paid by automatic transfer from, for example, a salary settlement. It is a convenient and affordable form of payment for both the customer and the bank. However, if your income is insufficient to pay both industries and loans, you may have to cancel automatic money transfer. The cancellation must be in writing and signed by the person who took the loan.
If the bank refuses to remove the automatic transfer, despite written notice, please contact the Consumer Bank and Finance office for more information.

Credit overdraft.

If you have withdrawn more money than allowed, you have overdrafted the bank, and the bank has the right to withdraw from the overdraft account when it comes into cash. This may mean that you do not even have money left to pay rent and food. If you have overdraft, try to make a payment plan with the bank.

You will probably face several difficult choices and questions when the money is missing or insufficient. We need new knowledge and experience to cope with the situation. Find out as much as possible at an early stage. The answers are, it’s just about knowing who you ask. Make a list of agencies, companies and other agencies that you can contact.

Get knowledge.

If you have had payment problems for some years may be an opportunity to get the debt under debt restructuring. But the condition is that you meet the criteria of the law.

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