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JOPLIN, Mo. — A Joplin-based company is closely monitoring developments in Ukraine.

If you want to spread the gospel outside the United States, you have several options. You can send people from America, who speak English, to a foreign country, using a language that the natives do not understand, or train people from this country to do it themselves, in their native language that the residents there understand.

That’s what Joplin-based Good News Productions does all over the world.

“We help international people use today’s technology to make movies, to create content that will work in their language for their context and their culture,” said Mike Schrage, president of Good News Production.

One of their crews, made up of around 15 people, operates in the war-torn country of Ukraine, with which Mike Schrage maintains almost hourly contact. He says so far so good.

“They live just outside Kyiv, the capital, and are holed up in our news center which is also an apartment and so they are safe, as are their teammates. So right now we’re very grateful, very grateful that even though there’s a lot of danger and tension out there, they’re safe and doing well,” Schrage said.

This is not the first time that their people have been attacked by the Russian army.

Eight years ago, crew members living in southern Ukraine came under fire on the Crimean peninsula. Schrage says they survived but with great personal loss.

“So we had our manager there, lost his three-generation home. We had our old GNPI studio and we were building a brand new studio, we lost those three buildings eight years ago.

Schrage has been to Ukraine before, in fact, he shot this video long before the last unprovoked Russian attack.

“And so, while that’s the most dangerous, it also helps them stick to it.” It has a great testimony for the local people. “I’m not running away, I trust God and we’re here together,” Schrage said.


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