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STERLING, Virginia., February 7, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — February 7, 2022 marks the 25th anniversary of Quince Imaging, one of the most innovative live event companies in United States. Over the past quarter century, Quince Imaging has grown from a small image projection company to an internationally acclaimed video production company specializing in projection image mapping, live event video production, fan experience, augmented reality, permanent installations, and in-person and virtual event production.

Since the company’s inception, Quince Imaging has partnered with clients from a wide range of industries, professional sports leagues, including NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Esports, plus corporate events and galas public and private sectors. As the demand for sophisticated video installations continues to grow, Quince Imaging’s customer base has grown exponentially over the past decade. To keep pace with rapid market growth, Quince Imaging’s headquarters moved to a massive 40,000 square foot site in 2018 and continues to recruit new talent with diverse skill sets to meet growing customer needs.

Sharing his feelings on this occasion, President and Co-founder, Ron Curier remarked, “This milestone event was only made possible through the hard work and unwavering determination of our team members. Our talented team has endured the toughest times, including the devastating impact of the global pandemic.

COO and co-founder, Scott Williams said: “Each of our team members has contributed to the evolution of the live event industry over the past quarter century, delivering exceptional delivery of all services to our clients. I couldn’t be more impressed with the evolution of our business. Throughout 2022, we will continue to push the boundaries with innovative video technology, as we have done every year throughout our history. As always, we have our customers to thank committed from all sectors. We could never have reached this impressive milestone without each of you.”

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Quince Imaging is an innovative live experience company headquartered in the washington d.c. subway station. Incorporating a unique combination of creativity, technical process management and unparalleled expertise in sophisticated display design and systems integration, Quince Imaging has a reputation for delivering technologically innovative and impressive audience engagement solutions. live around the world. Getting the best and brightest projection, LED and display solutions is paramount. Quince Imaging’s loyal customer base spans a wide range of markets, including professional and collegiate sports organizations, esports leagues, venues, corporate events, unions, and global outreach organizations. Quince Imaging specializes in collaborating with clients to curate personalized live experiences through creativity, innovation and a continuous drive for excellence. For more information, please visit: http://www.quinceimaging.com.

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