Ryan Reynolds owns his production company with Back to the Future Joke


Adam Project actor Ryan Reynolds trolled his own production company, Maximum Effort, on Twitter with a cheeky Back to the Future joke.

The Adam Project star Ryan Reynolds trolled his own production company, Maximum Effort, with a cheeky Back to the future joke. The Adam Project is Reynolds’ latest film, a Netflix Original made in collaboration with Maximum Effort. The film follows a time-traveling pilot who must team up with his younger self to save the future. Adam Project is led by free guy and Night at the museum director Shawn Levy and stars Mark Ruffalo, Jennifer Garner and Zoe Saldana alongside Reynolds.

Before the release of The Adam Project, Reynolds and Ruffalo posted a fake public service announcement via Reynolds’ Twitter. The PSA reminded viewers of the upcoming DST change so no one misses out The Adam Project when it comes out, despite (as Ruffalo pointed out) being released on Netflix and streaming anytime. To get their message across, the two actors leaned heavily on the film’s time travel theme and even brought in a special guest to talk about the subject. The video features an appearance by none other than Christopher Lloyd, who is no stranger to time travel, having starred in all three Back to the future movies. Reynolds’ company Maximum Effort later shared the video with the caption “filmed outside the Lone Pine Mall.”


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Despite being owned by Reynolds, Maximum Effort still incurred the wrath of his Twitter lag for their subtle Back to the future reference. Just four minutes after Maximum Effort shared the video, Reynolds replied to their tweet, stating “It’s called the Twin Pines Mall. Get your head out of your ass.” Numerous Back to the future fans will know this refers to the renaming of the Hill Valley Mall in the first movie after Marty ran over one of Old Man Peabody’s pines in 1955. The tweet is hilarious for anyone who watched Back to the future up close, and Reynolds has certainly proven his fanboy prowess. See his tweet below:

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While many followers took to the comments section to show their appreciation for Reynolds and his Back to the future jokingly, several users trolled Reynolds right away. Some have pointed out that, technically, since Marty has already run on the tree in the past, the current timeline is always changed, which means Reynolds’ tweet is the wrong one. Unless the timeline changes again, the mall should still be named Lone Pine.

Adam Project has already gotten very favorable reviews, and talent like Lloyd agreeing to work with the cast to promote it certainly bodes well for the film. The creators of the film expressed such love for Back to the future that it is difficult to imagine that it does not spread in The Adam Project. The Adam Project is streaming on Netflix now.

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Source: Ryan Reynolds (via Twitter)

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