Snappy Kraken Announces New Video Production Services to Improve Marketing Results for Finance Professionals


Snappy Kraken Announces New Video Production Services to Improve Marketing Results for Finance Professionals

Most advisors struggle with successful video marketing, yet video is vital to any modern marketing strategy. Including a video on a webpage can increase conversion rates by 80%, and according to Hubspot, 90% of consumers say video is helpful in their decision-making process.

Snappy Kraken, a MarTech company that helps finance professionals automate their marketing and sales processes, today announced a professional and affordable video production service for financial advisors. In addition to producing studio-quality videos for consulting firms, Snappy Kraken’s video production team is now available for on-location filming at financial services conferences and/or consulting firm offices.


“Most advisors struggle with successful video marketing, yet video is vital to any modern marketing strategy. Including video on a webpage can increase conversion rates by 80% and, according to Hubspot , 90% of consumers say video is helpful in their decision-making process,” said Snappy Kraken CEO and Co-Founder Robert Sofia.

“But many advisors simply don’t know where to start or how much to pay for a good quality result. At the same time, many advisors have fallen into the trap of making videos just to make videos – it just creates more noise and doesn’t really serve the advisor as well as it should. For this reason, we see the need to help advisors better represent themselves to prospects and customers. And, for those who don’t want to come to Ormond Beach for video production, we’re happy to send our traveling production team to their office – or even their conference – to capture and produce meaningful, high-quality video footage. which will become a real digital asset.

“In addition to offering video production services, we also bring a consultative approach to engagement, helping advisors and businesses understand the specific purpose of each video. Having done this for many advisors and financial businesses around the over the years, I can say with confidence that we bring something special to the equation. We are not just another video production company – we are a production team specializing in serving the financial industry“, concludes Sofia .


In 2017, Snappy Kraken invested nearly six figures to establish a state-of-the-art video production studio. In their Florida studio, Snappy Kraken’s production team focuses on creating professional “interview format” videos for use by advisors in automated drip marketing campaigns.

See information on the “Seminar Freedom” program, announced in February 2018, here: at-the-2018-t3-advisor-conference-300594095.html

“Financial services are a people business. Clients choose advisors they like, trust and respect. Featuring videos on an advisor’s website is one way to set their business apart from the competition and show who they really are as a professional,” Sofia said. “Advisors who use a good video strategy can instantly engage website visitors with videos that show what makes them the best choice. It’s not a differentiator to show an animated video that thousands of ‘other advisors have too,” Sofia adds. “Our production team will take care of everything so that the advisor can show what really makes them unique.


Snappy Kraken generally recommends consultancies produce a professional video on the landing page that explains how they will meet the needs of the potential client. An About Us video that builds trust and motivates the visitor to get in touch is a good second video to produce. Additionally, businesses and advisors can show viewers the kind of person they really are with a personal bio video that can be featured on their website and social media profiles.

Another example of how financial companies are now using the Snappy Kraken studio is to hire one or more of their executives to record “passion videos” for their websites and digital marketing needs. One of these teams: TradePMR.

“My team and I were very impressed with the experience we had at Snappy Kraken Studios filming a series of videos for our new Get There campaign,” said Robb Baldwin, Founder and CEO of TradePMR. “Some of us used the teleprompter; others simply prepared themselves mentally and spoke from the heart. We appreciated having the side room for final preparations before entering the studio to shoot our individual segments. Snappy Kraken gave us a makeup artist and a beautiful set, including three camera angles, professional lighting and sound. They were patient when a rework was needed and provided great advice on how to look and feel their best during the one-day session,” Baldwin concludes.


While the studio is the hub of production services, the Snappy Kraken team is also mobile-ready and can go “on the road” to shoot on location. “Some companies have asked us to come to their offices or shoot at a conference venue. This allows us to capture people in the environment where they feel most comfortable,” adds Sofia.

“Having a professionally produced video on the front page of an advisor’s website is vitally important today. Also, the first video the website visitor watches should be all about them, which means the video should perfectly match the visitor’s dreams and needs. The homepage video shouldn’t just be about the consulting firm and how it serves its clients,” Sofia said.

For examples of Snappy Kraken’s on-site work and associated service pricing:

Snappy Kraken’s production team is also equipped to set up and produce an engaging video for a financial services conference. Examples include:

Daily recap videos to play in front of the public and/or to get people excited about next year’s conference



Videos of sponsor and speaker interviews for promotion on social media and on the conference website



“Snappy Kraken produced all of the official videos for this year’s T3 Technology conference for financial advisors,” said Joel Bruckenstein, CFP®, producer of T3 Technology Tools for Today, which provides a suite of informational solutions for financial services and financial advisory firms. . “The team on site did a great job and we are already in discussions on how Snappy Kraken can play a role in future T3 events.”

“I loved how the Snappy Kraken team supported our PR and marketing plan for T3,” said Marie Swift, president and CEO of Impact Communications, who worked with Bruckenstein to produce and promote the T3 Advisor event. “I have worked with many video production and digital marketing teams over the years. So I have a good baseline to compare how Snappy Kraken compares to the competition; I was impressed in every way.

To create a custom package, conference organizers and keynote speakers should contact Snappy Kraken directly. Barter/exhibition opportunities are available.


Snappy Kraken will be attending TradePMR’s annual Synergy Conference in San Diego, May 16-18, 2018. Experts from the Snappy Kraken team will provide complimentary one-on-one advice to Advisors attending the Brand Reception, which includes 3 hours of mini- presentations. and real-time brand advice in a more relaxed setting. Throughout the conference, attendees will have the opportunity to network with Snappy Kraken and other industry experts, sponsors and peers. They can request a free website analysis, social media and digital marketing advice, compliance consultation, and more. Snappy Kraken will focus on sharing video production best practices and creating a results-driven omnichannel marketing plan.


Snappy Kraken is a SaaS marketing solution that helps financial advisors personalize, automate, and track marketing campaigns and business processes. Users can choose from a number of ready-to-use campaigns, each containing combinations of professionally designed and written email series, social media posts, advertisements, and more. Clicks, opens and shares are managed and tracked from a single dashboard.

Snappy Kraken recently secured an investment at the FinTech expo that took place in March 2018 at Barron’s Top Independent Advisor Summit; Prestigious judging was provided by ScratchWorks, a FinTech accelerator that connects tech startups with wealth management leaders to advance the digital transformation of the financial services industry. In a previous competition in 2016, Snappy Kraken won first place in the FinTech startup competition organized by the XY Planning Network.

Snappy Kraken is led by industry veteran and marketing consultant Robert Sofia ( Learn more about Snappy Kraken at:


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