Start Motion Media Production Company Announces 2021 Winners for Best Startup Video


Spark Charge wins top prize for best starter video in 2021.

Start Motion Media Production Company, a global leader in premium video production, has announced the winners of the 2021 Best Startup Video Awards. The Startup Video Awards celebrate the inspiration, creativity and innovation of business leaders deeply committed to bringing the best products and services to the market.

The winners were chosen by reviewing hundreds of startup videos from across the country. The jury based its decision on the following criteria: cinematography, direction, casting and artistic direction.

Spark Charge, a Massachusetts-based startup known for its revolutionary charging of electric vehicles, wins top prize. The short start-up video excels in its simplicity and the use of clear graphics to convey the main characteristics of the company’s product. Spark Charge received a cash prize of $ 100,000 from angel investors.

Other winners include Renew Senses, Canscan Technology, Clanz and Umaneo.

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