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The Follow Me to Brooksville weekly broadcast series is a vibrant, professionally produced piece of video art that takes the viewer inside some of Brooksville’s most original and beautifully designed businesses. With interviews from business owners, music, comedy, and graphics, it’s no surprise that Follow Me to Brooksville is the creation of a skilled and experienced TV production team. What may be surprising is the fact that at the time of production of the series, this team had not yet graduated from high school.

Follow Me to Brooksville is presented by Main Street Brooksville, sponsored by T-Mobile, and produced by NCT ​​Films – the film department at Nature Coast Technical High School, under the direction of digital video production professor Ian Wald.

And while Wald taught students the skills to write, produce, film, and present this 20-part series, which is broadcast on YouTube and Facebook, he points out that when it comes to Follow Me to Brooksville, kids lead. the show. .

“The students take 100 percent of this show. They are my most advanced students, ”he said. “I hosted the first two episodes and set the model, then gave them the independence to film, host, edit, produce, everything.”

Follow Me to Brooksville has its origins in several video projects that NCT Films has made courtesy of Main Street Brooksville, as an act of community service. Next, Main Street Brooksville’s Tina Marie Polson tasked the film department to produce and direct a series that would take viewers on a tour of some of Brooksville’s most unique and artistically inspired companies.

“Tina is shooting us on the names of the companies,” Wald said. “And the kids get to work.”

The first episode of Follow Me To Brooksville focused on Easy Street Home Decor, in which host Ian Wald interviewed owner Bob Angier.

“Learn about the history of the place, the cool stuff you can find inside and some fun facts about Bob,” read the video description.

A student host took over in episode 3, devoted to the Mirador.

“What better way to experience downtown Brooksville than staying at a historic Bed & Breakfast in the heart of downtown?” reads the episode description. “Join NCT Films host Drew Kelly as he follows innkeepers Gerald and Kala Johnston to present this gem that has been brought back to life.”

Regardless of the topic of each individual episode, the mission of Follow Me to Brooksville remains the same.

“The goal is always to meet the needs of the customer,” said Elizabeth Breden, a recent NCTHS graduate who played a key role in the production of Follow Me to Brooksville. “And, in that case, direct more people to the businesses in Brooksville.”

And for students, says Breden, the goal is always to learn as much as possible about the profession of media production.

“We’ve all tried every job – Mr. Wald made sure of that,” she said. “We hosted, we wrote, we did the audio, we used the camera. It was a hands-on experience.

Whatever particular job one takes on in the production of Follow Me to Brooksville, the participating student learns a little something about creativity and innovation.

“A lot of TV productions involve throwing something against the wall and seeing what sticks,” she said with a chuckle.

Breden said she had benefited tremendously from her role in the creation of Follow Me to Brooksville; so much so, in fact, that she is now on the verge of starting a full-time career in film and video production.

“I am looking for jobs in the cinema,” she said.

And by being a member of the Follow Me to Brooksville team, Breden also learned a lot about his own community.

“There is so much I didn’t know here in Brooksville,” she said. “There is so much to discover. “

And, says Natalie Kahler, general manager of Brooksville Main Street, that’s the whole idea behind Follow Me to Brooksville.

“People walking through Brooksville might see these buildings and have no idea what’s inside,” she said. “By watching this show, they can discover their hometown. “

“Follow Me to Brooksville is a storytelling story,” she said. “And here the story is Brooksville.”

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