SuNPe will showcase CNC machining and low-volume production services


SuNPe will showcase its CNC machining service as well as its low-volume production and 3D printing machine at Med-Tech Innovation Expo 2022.

SuNPe’s CNC machining service is designed for rapid prototyping and low volume production for the medical field.

SuNPe may also promote its other life science products and services, including:

  • Low volume production service – manufacturing using the same mold base and cavity.
  • 3D printing machine – design of functional prototypes and complex designs.
  • Vacuum Cast – for rapid prototyping, with stock color, overmolding, texture and geometry.
  • Die casting – manufacture of large quantities of metal parts with surface finishing.
  • Tooling and injection molding service – combine different types of plastic into one piece.
  • Surface Finishing Service – customizing different textures for smooth product finishes.
  • Sheet metal prototyping – processing of sheet metal to modify its geometry.

You can learn more about SuNPe’s products by visiting Booth A12 in Hall 10 at Med-Tech Innovation Expo on June 8-9, 2022.

Plan your Med-Tech Innovation Expo experience, whether visiting or exhibiting, on the Med-Tech Innovation Expo website.


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