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Sacramento Production Services has partnered with Symetrix to create a hybrid classroom allowing students to interact both in person and via Zoom at River City Christian Church in Rancho Cordova, CA. They enlisted the technical support of Quinn Klarer, Symetrix Field Applications Engineer, to help with the installation of this unique project.

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“He came in and really helped us with his expertise,” Brian Webber, installation technician and programmer for Sacramento Video Productions. controlling all the systems to be easy for the end user and it required a lot of programming. I also purchased a 12″ touch screen for control. I wanted to be able to integrate the Datavideo PTZ camera into the system and connect it to the Symetrix Prism 12 x 12 which was sending control data over the network. I was having trouble to get this to work on the Windows computer with just direct IP commands and Quinn suggested I try the Bolen PTZ smart module he had created. This module was perfect for my needs. Even though it was written for another brand of camera we were able to fit it and get it working This smart module includes pan/tilt control as well as a preset recall I copied all these buttons on the Symetrix SymVue touchscreen I was able to integrate this into the Shure MXA910 microphone and have the camera recall the preset based on where the person was standing in the room talking I routed all of the individual Dante channels in the Symetrix Composer file and j ran each of them through an audio level detector and connected it to a remote number module. This then triggered the corresponding camera preset. It took a few tweaks, but it works wonderfully.”

Better than your average class blender

Webber also uses five Visionary Solution encoders and two decoders in this project. He worked with Chuck Larson, formerly of Symetrix, who helped with the video integration into Composer. “With these,” Webber said, “I’m able to preview the input and output on the touch screen, and also make that preview a button. I’ve got it configured so that the end user can touch the source they want and then touch the destination they want. I find this so much easier to use and explain than a standard class selector. The ability to have the image/preview is so useful. I am able to send all these commands to encoders/decoders with smart modules including source selection, HDMI CEC (on/off) commands and Bluetooth pairing.”


At River City Christian Church, Symetrix Composer was used for video integration with five Visionary Solutions encoders and two decoders. “I wanted the ability to integrate the Data-Video PTZ camera into the system and connect it to the Symetrix Prism 12 x 12 which sent control data over the network,” said Brian Webber, programmer and installer, Sacramento Production Services. (Image credit: Symetrix)

Symetrix products are, Webber said, “easy to use, yet have the complexity to meet all needs at once.” I love the ability to control every device on the network through the system; that was really important tome.” The company recently began integrating Visionary Solutions products into its facilities, “and the number of things you can do by integrating these two products together is staggering,” he said, adding, “Plus, Dante’s 64 channels are wonderful. For me, I find the analog I/O to be just a bonus for me, as I try to use Dante as much as possible. The ability to patch everything in the Composer file is awesome.

Symetrix delivers sound quality

“I found the sound quality to be exceptional! I installed three prisms in this location alone, as well as many others, and I can’t say enough about the sound quality,” Webber said. “I can always find exactly the audio module I need. I always use the feedback suppressor with the LAV mics which works great. It’s hard to find a feedback suppressor that doesn’t degrade the audio over- beyond intelligibility.

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“I feel like every project we work on is somewhat unique,” ​​Webber added. “I try to identify with the client what they need to accomplish in the piece and design around that. In this case, this piece has been used for many different things, so each of those needed to be addressed. in the setup. One of my goals here was to allow the average non-technical user to walk into this room and do complex things in a simple way. The prism was the central hub to allow me to achieve this goal The feedback I received from this client reflects After the training session I did not receive any phone calls to help me understand how to do something – they always manage to understand and I consider that like a victory.


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