The film “It Takes Two” boarded by Dwayne Johnson’s production company


The game of the year 2021 It takes two conquered the gaming world and is now making its way to the big screen. the It takes two The film has found its way to Amazon with Dwayne Johnson’s Seven Buck Productions company boarding to produce with DJ2 Entertainment.

The critically acclaimed cooperative video game It takes two is an action-adventure by Hazelight Studios and published by Electronic Arts. According to the game overview on the game’s official website,

“Embark on the craziest journey of your life in It takes two, a genre-blending platform adventure created purely for co-op. Play as the couple who clash Cody and May, two humans transformed into dolls by a magic spell. Trapped in a fantasy world, they are reluctantly challenged to save their fractured relationship by the suave love guru Dr. Hakim. A wide variety of happily disruptive gameplay challenges stand between them and their return to normal.


It takes two follows troubled couple, Cody and May, as they contemplate a divorce and find their spirits transported in two dolls their daughter, Rose, has made to represent them. They must then embark on a wild and fantastic journey to find a way to reintegrate their bodies.

Hazelight Studios founder Josef Fares even said Variety in February that “As it has a strong narrative with many crazy characters and equally crazy cooperative action moments, the potential is enormous for a great film or television adaptation.”

After selling 5 million copies and winning Game of the Year at the annual DICE Awards and this year’s Game Awards, the It takes two the film adaptation is coming in full force with Dwayne Johnson’s Seven Bucks Production company boarding to produce. The executive producers of Seven Bucks Productions are Dwayne Johnson, Danny Garcia and Hiram Gracia alongside sonic the hedgehog screenwriters Pat Casey and Josh Miller. Dmitri M. Johnson, Dan Jevons and Stephan Bugaj will executive produce dj2, including Josef Fares and Oskar Wolontis for Hazelight Studios.

Are you excited about the film adaptation of It takes two? What do you think will be different in the It takes two film of the cooperative video game? Is this the secret video game project that Dwayne Johnson talked about? Let us know what you think in the comments below. We love hearing from you here at The Nerd Stash.


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