The PASS OVER production team will participate in a free virtual conversation presented by Wingspace Theatrical Design


As part of their series of free virtual trade shows, Wingspace theatrical design will present a conversation with members of the GO OVER Production team: production manager Sean Gorski, COVID security manager Pamela remler and scenographer Wilson menton, moderated by the assistant scenographer Riw rakkulchon.

The conversation on Wednesday, September 22 at 7 p.m. EDT will examine how the team opened up safely during the ongoing COVID outbreak. They will talk about how they keep the cast and crew safe for the return to regular Broadway performances.

Reservations are strongly encouraged and are available here.

A recording of the show will be available on the Space Facebook page for a limited time after the live broadcast.

In GO OVER, Antoinette Chinonye Nwandu(Arifa Akbar, The Guardian) ‘s new “powerful and provocative” piece, Moses and Kitch speak loudly, pass the time and hope that today may be different. While they dream of their promised land, an alien ventures into their space and disrupts their plans. Speaking of sorrow, hope and joy in her 95 minutes, Go over transforms everyday blasphemies into poetic and humorous riffs, illuminating the unmistakable human spirit of young men in search of a way out.


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