The WWE production team is both the best and the worst thing about the company


It can’t be said that the WWE production team has its ups and downs. Their video packages alone are hands down the best in the business. If they wanted to, their incredible pre-match videos could turn The Great Kahli vs. Hornswoggle into the main event of Wrestlemania. There are many examples of WWE story-enhancing video packages; everyone will remember Daniel Bryan’s “Monster” video package before Wrestlemania 30, or the “Running Up That Hill” video package from Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels for Wrestlemania 26. The most famous example of WWE’s mastery in promotion is The Rock vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin “My Way” Video Pack for Wrestlemania X-Seven.

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Kevin Dunn leads the WWE production team as executive producer and is the right hand man of Vince McMahon, one of WWE’s longest-serving employees, and has produced Raw since its inception. He has rarely appeared on WWE lineup, but his name is one wrestling fans would have heard somehow.

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The WWE product definitely looks good overall as Dunn is clearly a talented TV director / producer, the WWE sets are undeniably beautiful, the live crowds are always well lit and visible, and the entries always make their wrestlers feel like superstars. The broadcasts, more or less, run from week to week without incident. All other wrestling companies have production teams, but WWE stands out above the rest in this regard.

At a time when the world was closed, WWE and Kevin Dunn created the Thunderdome. When all sports were trying to figure out how to make arenas look good with no one in the building, WWE handled it with ease. The Thunderdome looked so good that it even upped the rating for a few weeks, giving WWE a certain level of normalcy at a time when it was desperately needed.

WWE ThunderDome

Kevin Dunn’s Worst

Fans may not know Kevin Dunn personally, or even what he looks like, although many have likely heard the plethora of less than flattering descriptions of him from the former WWE Creative Team member. , Jim Cornette. Needless to say, Kevin Dunn built up quite a large list of enemies during his time. And while he’s a talented TV producer more often than not, Kevin Dunn has undoubtedly picked up a few bad habits over the year, the most notable of which is using a ridiculous amount of clippings. camera. Camera cuts have become obnoxious over the years, with one example having 32 cuts in 34 seconds. Is it really necessary?

But these are just the small problems when operating the grinder segments. It’s not like Kevin Dunn is missing out on the big moments. Law?

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Well, can we forgive WWE for cutting Edge’s first spear in 7 years when he returned from the 2020 Royal Rumble? Or what about AJ Styles’ big reveal in his WWE debut, instead staying on an inexplicably long Roman Reigns shot? According to CageSideSeats, a lesser-known example of this was in a Shield / Triple H segment, with Dunn missing a crucial shot from the Shield standing over Triple H’s prone body. Obviously, WWE COO n was not happy with this, although fans speculated Dunn did it on purpose, as he and Triple H have had a lot of issues over the years. Many believe this is the reason many NXT commands don’t have much success on the main roster, with Dunn deliberately burying them in Vince McMahon. There is even speculation that if Triple H takes over WWE, Kevin Dunn will be the first to be shown the door.

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For Dunn, he never produced a wrestling show, it was always a “sports entertainment” show. And this is clear because Kevin Dunn is one of the main proponents of turning the word “catch” into a swear word that should never be used on WWE TV.

Whether or not fans like Kevin Dunn’s job, that probably won’t change anytime soon as he has a lifelong job in Vince McMahon’s eyes; he will be there as long as Vince himself. Dunn has undeniably had some success, having been the producer of every Wrestlemania, every Legendary Moment in WWE history, every Segment and every Match for over three decades. But are those hits good enough to outweigh his hiccups these days?

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