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We work with many of the largest and most successful companies in the country, if not the world. At TOP, our team of experts, video creators and amazing people work hard to tell bespoke stories that build audiences and drive sales. At TOP, our skilled team of multidisciplinary video professionals have extensive experience working with clients from concept to execution. Whether you need quick clips for social media, a broadcast ad, or a series of compelling segments for your own channels, our team knows how to connect with your audience.

We start every video project by looking at the audience to discover their unique goals, then reverse-engineering the project to ensure we align a client’s goals with the audience’s needs. With a North Star established, we ensure that the cohesive story is shaped throughout the video production process, from pre-production to production and finally delivery.

Depending on the outcome, a video can hyper-focus on a particular audience on a particular channel or with cross-channel storytelling efforts in place we can leverage your video across a range of platforms and purposes . Need to build affinity for a new brand via a Facebook video ad? Explain how your product works with a YouTube series? Our team works seamlessly with media planners, to ensure the media buying and distribution strategy works across all relevant channels.


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