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DAEJEON, KOREA/ACCESSWIRE/March 10, 2022/ “Underbridge”, a South Korea-based video content production company, is preparing to launch its new interactive movie “Black Case”, which was produced in 2021. Recently, “Underbridge”, which produces various interactive video content, began to attract the attention of foreign filmmakers. A review of Underbridge’s representative works, “The Pilgrim’s Ancestor” is the first interactive film released in Korea in 2019. It won awards and guest screenings at various events such as Seoul Web Fest, Seoul International Film Festival, Busan and the Daegu Content Korea Lab, and was distributed via KT Super VR for two years.

Apart from producing interactive content, Underbridge is also known for producing various commercials, shorts and feature films. Underbridge is also trying to develop an interactive OTT platform called “Ppulppeu” and plans to officially launch it by 2022.

Underbridge CEO Do Young-chan said, “We will create a new world with new content,” and expressed his intention to participate in the K content craze and help promote prestige nationally through interactive content.

Recently, UnderBridge announced a partnership with CompanyA. CompanyA is a Daejeon-focused global accelerator that discovers first and early start-ups and supports domestic and overseas commercialization with personalized support for start-up incubation and enterprise aspects.

Cho Byung-hyun, CEO of CompanyA, said, “The online content market is growing rapidly with the increase in remote business due to the prolonged COVID-19, and we are looking forward to a jump under the bridge. with the K – content craze.

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