Video production company RO Pictures is off to a good start


A NEW production company launched by a husband and wife team in York is going from strength to strength.

RO Pictures produces a diverse range of films and goes one step further by also offering advice to businesses on how to use videos to maximize their business impact.

Led by York-based Julia Munder and Callum O’Connell, RO Pictures combines video production with data analysis and marketing strategy expertise.

The duo have worked with businesses in and around York as well as further afield, with a new client in Canada.

Cal started filming as a hobby and turned it into a career, starting out creating professional content for other companies eight years ago.

The entrepreneur’s work ranges from short and feature films to corporate content and weddings.

York Press:

Julia, who was previously marketing director for Dunnington-based luxury leather goods brand Maxwell Scott, has 10 years of experience in e-commerce, digital marketing and international communications.

Julia said she realized that many companies order videos but don’t know how to use them in their marketing strategy.

York Press:

“What we found in working with and looking at other video production agencies was that they were selling a video creation product, giving it to the client, and then the client would have no idea how the ‘use,” Cal said.

“So all the money that went into it was wasted. Nobody saw it, barely.

“Thanks to Jules’ expertise, we can create great video content, and Jules can provide a significant amount of audience data to ensure the video content is then viewed, creating a return on that investment and, on our side, generating continued business.”

York Press:

Julia said: “It’s been busy. I thought when I left Maxwell it would be quiet and I’d have two weeks to breathe and relax. But we’ve had a lot of business by word of mouth. I don’t haven’t gotten on stage to do the marketing and shout about the business – it’s been very busy.”

She added, “I really believe the production service we provide stands out. We get a lot of positive feedback.”

Cal added, “Video is such an important part of the online sphere now. Instagram has moved almost entirely to video rather than images.

Julia said they work with a lot of freelancers and have hired someone part-time to help with marketing.

“York is great for that. It already has a great community of filmmakers within it. In the future, we can grow. We will not just hire them as freelancers, but integrate them into our team.


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