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Fitzroy VIC, Melbourne, Aug. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Vidico is a video production company that produces compelling stories for innovative start-ups and tech companies around the world by clarifying complex concepts through video.

With their firm belief that video is the way to engage audiences and inspire action, Vidico is a leading explainer video company that helps you create short online marketing videos that explain and promote your product or service.

Their talented team of writers, directors, producers, designers and editors all have extensive experience working on successful and well-known YouTube commercials and national TV campaigns, which has led to Vidico’s rapid growth. in just six years.

Vidico lives and breathes high standards and excellence. To date, our videos and campaigns have generated over 1.4 billion impressions and helped our clients raise over $15 million in funding. If you live in Australia, chances are you’ve already seen one of our videos», explains Laura Chaves, Marketing director @vidico.

This rapid progression and their unique approach to video production – using storytelling tested templates that have proven themselves on hundreds of videos – motivated them to launch their new brand.

At Vidico, we care deeply about our customers and potential customers. Making this rebrand was a way for us to show them that we understand their pain points, desired outcomes and that we are here to serve.“, said Michael Pirone, General director @vidico.

They have a brand new look, website and logo and have refined their approach to layout and design – to give you a better experience. Not only that, but they have also expanded into projects for e-commerce, education, healthcare and finance companies, while encouraging new creative thinking and focusing on improving and improving. constant improvement in their visual craftsmanship.

Making Complexity Disappear with Video

Vidico believes that creating a clear visual language that combines innovation with a story unites the world in understanding.

Their team of professionals take this philosophy seriously and constantly strive to produce video excellence by partnering with some of the world’s most recognized illustrators and using high quality cameras with cutting edge clarity for their live videos. direct.

With a community of over 720 customers, including Spotify, Uber and Amazon, Vidico produces explainer videos, product videos, brand videos and TV commercials with clarity, precision and proof that they fully understand your product or your mark.

“We pride ourselves on understanding the needs of our customers and those of their end users. That’s why our videos drive results and, more importantly, why the world’s biggest brands trust Vidico. » Laura Chaves adds.

Explainer videos

Vidico has world-class video talent, storytelling and technology to help you have a collaborative experience while creating a memorable and clear explainer video.

These videos are great for delivering key information about your business, brand, or industry in a short, concise, and engaging video that your audience is sure to remember.

With the strategic approach employed by Vidico’s experienced team, you can say goodbye to conventional ideas and endless revisions while focusing on curating expert videos that are not only creative and compelling, but will reinforce also consumer engagement of your brand or business.

Vidico will use the power of video to reach your customers on an emotional level and manage the entire process of your explainer video, including concept, storyboards, script, styling and production. They also have a proven track record of being able to increase conversion action rates by up to 15% with their content – so you can rest assured that by leveraging Vidico’s expertise, you can achieve your marketing goals.

If you’re looking to use animation in your explainer video, Vidico can easily communicate these technical concepts and employ its team of specialists to create stunning 2D animation that closes the distance between you and your audience. They also have access to smooth motion graphics that can effectively communicate your product essentials in style and keep your customers coming back.

“Our production studio is home to some of the latest cutting-edge video production technology. So whether you’re looking for Netflix-like end content or 3D or 2D animations, we’ve got you covered,” said Laura Chaves.

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To learn more about Vidico and their rebranding, or to watch some examples of their most recent explainer videos, please visit their website at



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