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In today’s internet dominated business world, competition is fierce. It’s somewhat ruthless for reluctant brands that don’t strive to keep up with technology and make the most of it as it evolves. Everyone wants their (biggest) piece of the pie at the end of the day.

Well, the technology is vast and diverse, but when it comes to marketing and branding, video content holds a special throne.

A brilliant video ad could be all your brand needs to cripple your competition in popularity and customer base. To capture the masses and conquer the market, creating a powerful business video must be a top priority.

Below are some recommendations on how to create an original video and capture the attention of the masses.

1. Avoid the usual

If you want to lead the pack, you’ll want to avoid regular video packaging. Break the pattern and offer something eye-catching to your audience. The best option would probably be to hire a professional video production company. A Singapore corporate video production company called En3 recommends making sure the video is customized to meet your specific needs. You want to have professionally captured and edited videos that are captivating and engaging to your audience in this busy world.

When creating a promotional video, remember to use an unforgettable jiggle. Plus, shorter videos are more likely to get the point across at home. Give your audience a good reason to stay glued to their screens enough to receive and digest the message they want.

2. Your first seconds are vital

With more and more online video ads, the competition for an audience is getting tougher these days. To make sure your viewer is interested in your video until the end, it’s crucial to maximize the first few seconds. You can start with a statement that will spark the interest of your audience and avoid losing them. Depending on the medium you use, it will be crucial to meet the needs of your viewer in the first few seconds. Failure to do so can easily disconnect your viewers.

3. Use influencers

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Using an influential person or a trusted source can help boost the reliability of your product or services. In the world we live in today, people prefer to buy a product if it is endorsed by someone they applaud or like. From social media influencers to celebrities and big names in entrepreneurship, hiring such a personality to advertise yourself will add authenticity to your brand and elevate it to greater heights.

4. Have a specific audience

Before creating an advertisement, you need to thoroughly understand your target audience. What is the best medium to reach them? If you want to advertise corn seed or feed, using a medium like Twitter would be nonsense. YouTube might work, but you’re more likely to reach that target audience with TV ads. A video is only as good as the medium used to share it.

Finally, remember that a good commercial video starts with creating a good storyline. You can’t afford to mess it up. With the above tips in mind, you can create a compelling video that will create a visible brand and smiley sales.


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