Videos Make the Mark: Fast-Growing Video Production Company Filmbaker Celebrates New Office Space


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filmbaker new office

new office

new office


BANGALORE, KARNATAKA, INDIA, Feb. 16, 2022 / — There are those who strive to shoot videos.
Then there are those who strive to make films.
Then there are those who strive to explore design, cultivate creativity, master visual mediums, and that’s where Filmbaker finds its footing.

Like many startups all over the world, Filmbaker was also an idea, an idea that began to germinate in the childhood of Filmbaker co-founders Tarun, Gaurav, Rakesh and Soman who, like many other children, were doing this they were doing: studies, sports and jokes. , Not necessarily in that order.

But the moment they took to the camera to shoot their first short, they knew something had changed. A change that encouraged them to take a chance, a chance they all took collectively.

From there followed a series of short films aimed at social awareness, content that really resonated with their peers and families, encouraging them to get a head start. With the support of their immediate audience, they took a leap of faith and embraced the moving image as the way forward.

After circling around different names to give their new business, they finally came to “Filmbaker”.
The reason?
Just like the perfect video, the perfect cake takes skill, patience, time, and lots of repetition. But the most important ingredient they both share is passion and in the new company known as Filmbaker there was plenty of that.

Try asking them something about film and video that you don’t think they would know? You might end up learning something new about the same thing from them instead.

They have added to their lines of business by taking on filming projects, motion graphics projects, and even animation projects. They have also ventured into web and UI design for their clients. Their ever-growing business propositions and vast pool of creative resources have made them the go-to for all of their clients. Having onboarded some of the biggest clients like Google, Facebook, TKM, Kingfisher, Pantaloons, Cultfit till date, the growth graph has always been on the rise

As they take on new challenges and their creative mandate grows, so does their team. Now armed with chefs with skills to script, design, illustrate, light, anything you can think of, they are moving into a new office space in Bangalore designed to further cultivate the creativity of this growing diverse team.

Let’s see what comes out of Filmbaker’s ovens next.

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