“Wheel of Time” Production Company Partners with LevelN4XT to Develop New IP for Games, TV and Movies


Radar will join LevelN4XT to form Radar-N4XT, focused on developing new IPs for video games and adapting existing game IPs for TV and film.

Radar-N4XT will make the first joint effort between film production and game studios that creates transmedia exposure and audience building for game properties through its varied expertise in film/television, branding, fashion, music and live entertainment. With a history of success and a roster of original and established dynamic IPs, Radar-N4XT will pioneer a new way to create, play and entertain through the power of transmedia convergence.

Radar Pictures Founder Ted Field said, “By partnering with video game creators early on, we believe we can create a better fit across all verticals from the right kind of initial IP.

The enthusiasm for the collaboration was echoed by LevelN4XT co-founder Marcus Ticotin, who said, “This group of leaders from virtually every aspect of IP creation is uniquely positioned to partner with game companies and extending their intellectual property to a wide range of vertical markets. This is a pioneering and exciting direction for the entire entertainment industry.”

The new team will consist of Radar Pictures’ Ted Field, Head of Development Anthony Tringali, Head of Development Michael Napoliello and LevelN4XT, whose members include Marcus Ticotin (co-founder of Abandon Entertainment), Evany Chang (co- founder of OG Esports), Ciarra Pardo (former CCO of Fenty), Imad Izemrane (co-founder and president of Spring Place) and Keith Abell (former board member of The Shooting Gallery).

Ted Field’s 30 years in the motion picture industry have led to worldwide box office earnings exceeding $8 billion. He produced over 60 films, including the Jumanji franchise, the Riddick franchise, Amityville Horror (2005), The Last Samurai (2003), and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003). He is executive producer of “The Wheel of Time,” Amazon Prime Video’s new fantasy series based on the novels by Robert Jordan.

LevelN4XT is a collective of successful entrepreneurs who have built and managed leading companies in various industries including game publishing, live events, entertainment, emerging technologies, consumer products and finance. The team has produced leading online games (Dark Age of Camelot, NBC Sports and NBC Olympics branded mobile games), an esports championship franchise in DOTA 2 history (OG Esports), movies prominent like Sling Blade (1996) and Max Payne (2008). ) and award-winning television series (“Glory Days”, “Holland’s Next Top Model”).


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